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Turn your vision into visual magic! Share your video, and let our editing wizards work their magic. Add your personal touch with suggestions for special effects and tweaks, and witness a masterpiece uniquely yours!

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Here’s how IGX Media can provide you with a streamlined content output like never before.



We're the idea factory behind your content creation! All you need to do is hit that record button and bring those ideas to life.



Count on our dedicated editing team to craft a top-notch, polished masterpiece that'll leave you absolutely thrilled!



Kickstart your day with our exciting videos just waiting to be shared across all your channels!



Empower Your Brand with Short-Form Video: Multiply Your Leads, Zero Paid Ads.

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Create content faster and better with our proven system.

Create more content in less time with our proven system

Record your Video

Capture your message on your iPhone or camera—keep it short and focused. Follow our bullet points or script. Find inspiration in our video ideas and equipment setup tutorial for a pro look.


Upload your clips

Simply upload your clips to an Accessible Google Drive Folder, Where our Team could access the files Easily! The Same Shall be Updated in The Discord Channel in our Server that We Provide You On Ordering!

Edit your video

Once uploaded, we start editing—adding titles, captions, emojis, sound effects, and stock footage to captivate viewers.


Deliver your video

Wake up to ready-to-post videos on your laptop. Within 50 Hour Turnover Period, your first video is delivered. Receive an email notification when the final video is ready for download and immediate posting. Embrace hassle-free, efficient content creation.

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$99 /starter
  • Ignite Your Brand's Journey: Unleash Impactful Shortform Videos!
  • 7 videos/per month
  • Repurposing long-form content
  • Access to our Discord server with our private channel, including our production managers, for you.


$349 /Growth
  • Cultivate Your Brand's Story: Elevate with Shortform Videos for Personal Growth with Double the content output.
  • Get upto 20 videos/per month.
  • Your very own personal editor
  • BONUS 100+ Video Content ideas for various niches
  • BONUS Bi-weekly group coaching calls


$699 /VIP
  • Exclusive Excellence: Fuel Your Brand's Ascension with Premium Shortform Videos!
  • Get up to 33 videos/per month.
  • Your very own personal editor
  • And a personal scriptwriter if you run out of ideas
  • Unleash Brand Brilliance! Our Expertise Meets Your Vision. We Dive Deep into Your Brand and Industry, Crafting Captivating Creatives and Viral Videos. With Our SEO Magic, We Propel Your Message. Just Hit Record, We Handle the Rest!
  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls
  • One-on-one strategic call to get your scripts every month

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